...some girls can't keep their shoes on...

...and if you're here, you know that very well.
Why some women take off and play with their shoes, anywhere they are?
Some say it's because women's shoes are very uncomfortable, and their feet hurt... true, but not always.
There are women who can resist for hours in the worst shoes, and women who simply need to take off also their slippers...
There's no explanation: simply, there are women who need to stay without shoes, and without any particular reason.
And there are men who like that very much... thinking that a woman can be more sexy with her shoes off.
This site is dedicated to all men who like shoeplay and female feet.
I will look for girls who are natural shoeplayers and love to do that; I will avoid showing nice models who never did shoeplay in their life and when you are shooting seem to be doing their homework thinking "...what you have to do for money..."




CINDY new model!!!

ANNIE new model!!!