I know Julie is a great shoeplayer. And she knows I know that. And I know she knows that I know... etcetera.
When I am sitting at a table with her, I can only imagine what happens under her chair, I can hear noises like stiletto heels hitting the floor, feet getting out from shoes and rubbing on them, but unfortunately I can't see anything.
But this time I could not resist and I decided to do her a practical joke.
She was telling me about a very strange dream she had had, and wanted me to explain what it could have meant.
When she crossed her leg and her foot came between my knees, I got hold of it with  my legs.  She struggled to free her foot, but the only way to get out was to leave her shoe behind...
She enjoyed that, in fact she did the same with the other foot... she stood for some time in her nylons until I gave her shoes back.

Clip duration: 9'

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